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HI!  I am Michelle Lockey!  Award Winning Songwriter, Performer and Composer for Film & Tv.  I have had my songs in over 45 Shows, on over 20 networks!  You can hear my music on shows like LongMire, Good Girls Revolt, Reign, Benched, The Fosters, Gear Heads, and more!   Want to learn how to get your songs/instrumentals into Film & TV?  Then Opt In below and receive my FREE checklist: 10 Steps to Sync Success!  

My goals are to help others open up this income stream for their music AND to build a community of songwriters who support each other through the Music Licensing Process.    Read some of the testimonials below and opt in to become part of this fantastic community!!!  

See you soon! - Michelle


I took Michelle's course completely on an impulse after hearing her do a short workshop for Women of Substance radio.  I hit click and the rest is history.  I absolutely loved the 9 week course titled Writing & Licensing Music for Film  and TV.  Not only was the material so relevant and full of great tools for the songwriter, but Michelle was honest and practical with everything she taught.  From how to write a universal lyric to contracts and metadata, the information was priceless!  She also invited other industry professionals to speak with us and they were fabulous too!  Thank you so much Michelle for taking the mystery out of writing for film and TV!!   Helga Kaefer

 "I am happy to rave about this because it changed my life
​and I am eternally grateful to Michelle for being so amazing, wonderful, helpful, and smart!  Do it!"  -April Kelly

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